Inventor Wrote...

In the year 2007, I was struck with an idea that if a football athlete who hurts his leg on the playing field could invent something for his own sake, so should I for my back.

It all started in the early spring when I worked on experiments. Some of them were odd, but at least, good enough for start. I strived for many hours until I was finally able to achieve my aim. Though it was just a prototype, I still used it to strengthen my back and, surprisingly, it also helped my other parts of body.

I decided to invest more on the research before I applied for patent, and fortunately, it was a good news again that I could obtain a patent. I knew I was late for winter marketing, so I waited a year before I filed a patent application for sure. I patented in 2011, and also in 2015 for the ski simulated motion machine. Shop Now

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